there’s no place like home

if you randomly selected a group of 10 strangers and asked them what home looked like to them there is a very high chance you would get quite a few different answers.

home can be interpreted in the physical sense, literally the roof over our head or it can be where are family & friends are – back in our home town. that aside – no matter where we are, we are living in a house, a flat or a room that we can make home.

the funny thing about home is that it changes as we grow, its a right of passage to move out & fly the coop and maybe live by yourself, with friends or even a partner and then eventually start your own family and make a home for them.

home looks very different at each of these stages – so where are you?

my passion lies in making a house, a home – which really is different for everyone but it truly comes down to a feeling.

how does home feel to you? how do you want it to feel?


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