cat lady

it’s a well known fact i am a cat lady – not in the crazy cat throwing lady from the simpson’s way but in a nice normal animal loving way. when living by yourself it is pretty cute having a little furry friend that basically looks after itself but still loves you.

one of the biggest issues for people with or wanting pets is often when they’re renting – sometimes a gold fish just doesn’t cut it. but there are ways around it, honesty is the best policy – be up front if you have a small dog or an inside cat and if you have good references it shouldn’t be an issue.

just don’t go hiding 3 german shepherds in a 2 bedroom single fronted cottage – chances are you’re going to get busted.

get well acquainted with poppy – i guarantee you will see a lot more of herIMG_5758.JPG


why you & your house are better off with a furry friend

  • improved general health / data shows cat owners make fewer trips to the doctors
  • better cardiovascular health / cats help in reducing stress, lowering blood pressure & even cholesterol
  • companionship / there is nothing better than coming home to a little friend who loves hearing about your day
  • improved mental health / just by looking at your cat, you can increase the amount of Oxytocin – the ‘feel good’ chemical
  • allergy resistance in children / exposing children to cats from a young age is known to strengthen a child’s immune system & reduce the risk of allergies in adulthood
  • emotional development / developing love and affection for a cat is known to improve a child’s self esteem, autonomy & empathy for others
  • you’ll sleep better / several studies in the UK have found that people (especially women) prefer to sleep with their cats than with their partners


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