working class girl

after 5 years, i think i have mastered my response to the question “what made you get into real estate?” and it goes a little something like this –

the truth and the whole truth is that i didn’t plan it, it accidentally happened. as a 20 year old with two half done uni degrees under my belt and onto the third with an ever growing hecs debt the fact was i needed a job. but my thing was that i wanted a “big people” job, i was done with retail & hospitality, i wanted something that had room for me to grow within an organisation. thank god for seek, i applied for any administration/reception job i saw until i literally was getting calls for jobs that i didn’t even remember applying for.

long story short, i had an interview with a real estate agency for a receptionist role which i thought went really well but only to get a call saying i had been unsuccessful but that they wanted to me to catch up with the sales manager to discuss the possibility of being a professional assistant and the rest is history.


so really, i didn’t find real estate, real estate found me and gave me the opportunity to grow that i was looking for and what better career could you ask for – i get invited into peoples most valuable asset and more importantly their lives.

i don’t want this blog to be about boring property market facts & stats because i know not everyone gets as excited about it as i do – but believe it or not you’re going to need to know & understand them one day but for now, let’s focus on loving where you live.

this is the lighter side of real estate.

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