who run the world? girls.

in light of international womens day, i felt it necessary to verbalise the power of women supporting other women in their day to day challenges and success.

i may be a little biased going to an all girls school (which i must say, was single handedly the best decision i ever made) – but there is nothing more powerful than when us, as females unite as opposed to compete and challenge each other based on what we think people want to hear and not necessarily what we want to say.

“girls compete with each other. women empower one another.”

working for an organisation that is 60% women – we see amazing women doing incredible things everyday. which is interesting, because when people think of real estate they often think of smooth talking men in suits. when in actual fact its an industry full of incredibly successful women who continue to strive to do their best day in and day out whilst being a loving mother, wife, sister & daughter.

im blessed to be surrounded by inspiring women everyday, not just in my work place, but in other industries that i work closely with but most importantly my mum – who taught me to chase my dreams no matter how far away they may seem.


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