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with the easter long weekend looming, not only is this a great time for relaxing physically – lucky you if you’ve got a getaway planned, but also mentally.

change is as good as a holiday

one of the most underrated ways to overcome stress, anxiety or generally just wind down is sorting out your space. call me crazy, but after a long week at work there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning the house, doing some washing or going through those drawers that you’ve been shoving ‘stuff’ in for months.

if you’re one of those people thats been saying they want to freshen up home forever, now is the time – it’s easier than you think

  • make pinterest your new best friend, fill your camera roll with ideas that you love – it will get you really excited  even more keen to make a change
  • clear the clutter! that goes for every drawer, cupboard, closet, bench top, shelf in sight – if you haven’t touched it in 12 months, send it to a nice new home (or the bin)
  • go back to basics – neutral tones & timbers are a great starting palette to your fresh new space
  • nothing says fresh more than greenery – & if you’re like me, killing them isn’t an excuse anymore, you can get amazing lifelike fakes nowadays
  • picture perfect – re arrange, change, replace all your photos and frames. there is nothing more personal than photos that are dear to your heart but they can also be perfect accents in your space

i think you get where i’m going with this – its a process & we can go through the motions together but the first step is always the hardest. whether you like to admit it or not, you may be a hoarder but lucky for you there’s a whole group of you out there – societies even.

if you haven’t already check out facebook for local buy, swap & sell groups – i’m personally involved in the blackwood community buzz (www.blackwoodcommunitybuzz.com.au) and see so many great items coming and going – you also get the hot tip on garage sales in the area.

challenge accepted?


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