she wears the pants

“I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.”

— Whitney Houston

so much of who we are and how we feel comes from the way we dress. our wardrobe has the power to make or break the day ahead. but like most aspects of our lives, it changes and our style changes as we grow and discover ourselves and trends come and go.

i don’t know about you, but i can safely say i have attempted 90% of all trends in the last 7 years. working in a boutique before getting into real estate probably didn’t help that and it definitely made it hard to determine my own personal style feeling like i constantly had to keep up with what was on the racks.

and as i entered real estate i struggled with my age and feeling uncomfortable dressing and looking like i was wearing my mums clothes but part of your brand is how you present yourself – dare to be different. over the years i’ve felt a lot of pressure to dress a certain way based on the business but it pays to stick to your guns and find a style that works for you because if you are uncomfortable people can smell it a mile away

basic wardrobe cleanse

rule no. 1 – embrace black

black is your friend, it’s the best starting point for any outfit

rule no. 2 – remove all statement prints (besides floral & checks/plaid)

this is refreshing in itself, by taking away the feeling of wearing “old” clothes

rule no. 3 – identify your style icons asap

let tumblr, pinterest & instagram be your new best friends – these girls take away the hard part of putting together an outfit all you need to do is put on the clothes

  • theyallhateus, sincerley jules, friend in fashion, kourtney kardashian, olivia palermo & christine centenera are just a few of my favourites

rule no. 4 – separate colours and styles

it just makes putting the outfit together a whole lot easier

& rule no. 5 – just be you

if you feel comfortable and confident you’ve done well, love everything in your wardrobe it makes the mornings easier!

an organised wardrobe is an organised life

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