fit for a queen

well, the wait is almost over – tonight one lucky person will win the hospital research foundation home lottery grand prize! this stunning scott salisbury home is not only in a five star seaside location but is built and designed to absolute perfection.


i have to put my real estate hat on for a moment and gush about how extraordinary this home really is – location being an obvious tick for most people but the home itself. the floorplan and design are the cherry on top – & of course the furnishings being included is pretty fantastic too.

now i dont know anyone who wouldnt love to win a home – but it is so clear that so much thought has gone into all aspects of this home & selling out in record time is a brilliant indicator that we have fallen in love with the seaside castle.


but, its not just about the house – this home holds so much more meaning than the beauty within its walls. every ticket purchased makes a difference.

the proceeds support more effective medications, better diagnostics and safer and more personalised care and therapies in south australian hospitals.

this is a subject close to my heart, having felt the benefits of this research within my own family. so when hospital research and beautiful homes come together – i’m all for it


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