it’s not you, it’s me


i would hardly call myself an authority in this particular field, but this is an analogy that is far too relevant out in the market place – real estate & dating.

as if dating wasn’t hard enough, its now being compared to my livelihood. but when you start to think about it, the similarities are striking – especially with social media and its stalking capabilities.

for example,

a recent study has shown that majority of sellers will have exhausted every online profile you have before calling you in to discuss their property – which makes me wonder why hasn’t someone just made tinder for real estate agents, swipe right until you find the agent of your dreams?

so if that didn’t make it hard enough, we also have to be good with our pick up lines – appraisals are first dates and you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. do you come here often will not cut it.

but unfortunately for us real estate agents, it only gets worse – especially if someone says i’ll call you, or we’ll be in touch and my personal favourite, we felt like we connected with the other agent more. we know how to get dumped better than anyone.

you know what someone said to me the other day though, seeing someone at an open who’s business you lost is like running into an ex out in town. i cant help but have to agree with that – when we run open homes we are dressed to impress and engaging with buyers when they walk towards the front door kind of like when you’re looking super cute at the bar talking to a bit of a hottie and you’re ex walks in…

but we’re not always unlucky in love, we see more bedrooms than most and probably have more phone numbers too – its called the people business for a reason


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