baby, it’s cold outside

we were led into a false sense of security, and fought it like our lives depended on it but lo and behold the cooler days are well & truly here.

call me crazy, but i’m not complaining. there’s something truly unsettling about running around in 45 degree heat opening homes without air conditioning whilst sweating in places one should never sweat. so i welcome the cool change with open arms, maybe it’s being up in the hills thats converted me but pass me a nice red and light the fire and i’m a happy girl.

i’m not going to sit here and try and say that i love the rain, because anyone who has seen my hair once it’s come in contact with water knows it’s not a pretty sight – but who can deny the sweet sound of rain on a tin roof when you’re all rugged up like a nice toasty cinnamon bun.

introducing – alessandra de gregorio, our first lady of all things beauty


for all of you who loathe the cold as much as she does, i’ve turned to her for a few handy hints for surviving winter and coming out just as beautiful as you went in

  • just because your feet are hidden, doesn’t mean they don’t need some love

continue regular pedicures, your feet (& everyone else) will thankyou when it comes time to whip out the strappy sandals again & don’t forget to lather your tootsies with moisturiser before you chuck on those bed socks at night

  • heaters may take away the chill and get us through the day but they aren’t so kind on our skin

don’t forget to moisturise regularly as though you’re still strutting around in that bikini

alessandra swears by lucas paw paw – we can’t forget our kissers in winter either, they need the most love

better get comfortable, we have a few chilly months ahead of us


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