in bloom

there isn’t much else that brightens your day quite like an instagram-worthy bunch of flowers. social media has seen a new found appreciation for the humble bouquet, allowing a revolution of re-invention. which we get to enjoy not only during our daily scroll, but also in the homes of friends & family and property styled for sale.

florist, sophie kresevic – owner of the flower nook & the flower nook daily is on a mission to make sending flowers in the cbd, here in adelaide easier & more affordable.


perfectly located in topham mall, sophie is a go to for the perfect gift – whether it’s a workmate’s birthday, last day or even promotion. a pretty bunch makes the best present, because it’s not the kind of thing you buy yourself (& they look good in photos) but more & more we are seeing flowers no longer being the luxury item they once were.

sophie loves her regulars who will pop in weekly to grab a bunch just for home or their office – something to brighten the space & share online. with our growing social media obsession it means that we aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy our pretty purchase & even our friendly florists get to see them at home

(the_flower_nook on instagram)

image1 Snip20160418_1.png

the extraordinary arrangements we spy online are certainly keeping sophie busy, but we also have to remember blooms are seasonal or may not even be available here in oz!

trending chrisanthemums are full, long lasting & gorgeous all on their own

looser, more thrown together bunches – showcasing a variety of blooms

flowers are the simplest way to cheer anyone, or yourself up & just brighten up your space


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