lady like

by no means do i profess to be the epitome of a lady, i certainly have my moments just like everyone else. living by myself & taking the big wide world by the horns has certainly shown me where i have plenty of room to improve.

there are just somethings that you really don’t think you need to know until you’re in the awkward position when you realise, you probably should have listened when you were told that knowing how to change a tyre is kind of important.

safe to say i definitely didn’t listen, otherwise i wouldn’t have found myself driving for 20 minutes well aware something wasn’t right but not bothering to stop until 4 cyclists, 3 nearby cars and 2 pedestrians were kind enough to point out my rear left tyre was flat as a tack.

long story short, i found myself $250 poorer & 3 hours of my life short from waiting for the RAA. let’s be real, no girl is going to change a tyre when we have the gift of the RAA but please just have a membership handy before you find yourself in a situation like that.

i seem to be blessed enough to come across these situations too often, not so funny for me but funny for you – check out twitter @NatalieKouts & make me feel better #lohproblems

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