family affair

it’s no secret that i’m greek, with a big fat greek family – but i wouldn’t have it any other way. over the weekend we celebrated orthodox easter, and what a bonanza it is – and by bonanza i mean absolute feast.

people joke about greeks and food, but seriously you have no idea until you experience it for yourself, especially my family. “come for lunch” at easter time actually means don’t eat for a week prior because we will have a selection of cold meats, salads, hot meats, seafood, rice, pasta & then every dessert you can possibly think of. now, there is no way that all of this food gets eaten, year after year we say we over catered yet we continue to cook for the masses. however, this always ends well for me – leaving with a great big bag of left overs.

my mum reads this blog, so im not even going to try and say that i cook (or cook well) because i don’t, nor have i tried. my freezer & microwave are my best friends, if it can be reheated i’ll eat it. which is why family gatherings are always a fun time, i leave with a weeks worth (or more) of food.

i don’t think i’m the only one who says cooking for one is hard, it’s just difficult to get excited about which is why having a loaded freezer at all times is crucial.

my motto: if it can be frozen, ill take it


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