buyer beware

certainly not my favourite phrase – but we do hear it a lot. hopping back onto the rental market to find a new place is proving to be quite the challenge.

i like to think i’ve always been really wary of the way i describe properties i’m selling, to make sure there are no surprises and most importantly time poor buyers don’t waste their precious time – because lets be real, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

in the last 2 weeks i have spent all hours on realestate.com scrolling through property after property. it’s so disappointing to see properties with incorrect bedroom/bathroom icons, terrible quality images, no floor plans, incorrect open times and of course people who just never return your phone call.

it makes me incredibly proud to say i work at harris, given they are the only ones who consistently have great photography & floor plans for every single property no matter the price bracket with a concise yet detailed description

i don’t think i can bare to read the words “fairly good sized bedroom” or “neat & tidy” or properties with not one internal photo – that just tells me the house is ugly and not worth taking photos of.

my tips:

  • always call the office – don’t email enquiry
  • ask lots and lots of questions
  • search the property in the sold section of realestate.com to get a floor plan and better photos
  • if you know a nice real estate agent (like me) send them the address and ask them to have a look at the property on rp data
  • use the saved properties on realestate.com to make a short list & constantly go through it – adding & removing



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