honey, i’m home

and just like that, AREC is over for another year. for those of you who don’t know, AREC is the australian real estate conference – so basically 4000 real estate agents from all over australia congregate on the gold coast and spend 2 intense days listening to some truly inspiring and entertaining speakers.

apart from being the closest thing i’ll get to a holiday, AREC really is a great event and this year we had the pleasure of some pretty special speakers including fredrik eklund, michael clarke and our very own phil harris & tom hector. we also get to spend some quality time together as a team with lots of laughs and too much food.

what fascinates me, is how much the real estate space is changing and how the consumers expectations of us as real estate agents has changed along with it. the most recurrent message over the weekend was quite simply just be yourself and find a unique way to market that to consumers. fredrik is the epitome of this, we all know him for his out there personality & high kicks but his clients go to him because he is so much more than just a realtor. working primarily with developers in the heart of new york city, fredrik works with them through the entire design process & giving guidance based on current buyer behaviour.


being a real estate agent, makes you look at the show completely differently and appreciate things that everybody else might not – safe to say fredrik is far more than just a pretty face and a great high kick. but i think in real estate or not, there were consistent messages over the weekend that can resonate with you no matter what your profession

  • be yourself
  • be present in everything that you do
  • complacency kills
  • you control your thoughts, you’re a decision away from being happier
  • give good energy – you get what you give


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