check mate

moving house, not such an easy task no matter how many times you’ve done it – there always seems to be something you forgot to do. it’s even harder when you have 3 days to do it! but i’m certainly not complaining, after over a month of hunting i have found a new place to call home & i couldn’t be more excited

it’s funny since i help people purchase, sell & move into homes everyday that when it came to doing it for myself (even though i’ve done it before) i didn’t know where to start

luckily, it’s nothing a good check list can’t help – times like this i’m grateful to work for a real estate agency!

  • first things first, connect now – they will organise all of your new connections for you! everything from electricity & gas to internet & pay tv
  • think of anywhere/one you currently receive mail from – make sure you let them know of your new address (especially the electoral commission  – how could we forget the upcoming election?)
  • update your home & contents insurance & notify of your new address
  • don’t forget about your car insurance – often a change in address can mean a change in your premiums!
  • hop online to ezyreg and change your address for your license/rego – but make sure you remember tell people your correct address is on the back of your license
  • last but not least, organise how you’re getting from a to b! there are some really great removalists around nowadays, or depending on how much stuff you have and how many lovely helpers you have hiring a truck is just as easy!

i think i’m all organised now, but ask me on monday..


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