solid gold, baby

get your mind out of the gutter, i literally mean digging for gold – in places that have been under your nose the whole time. having an on trend, up to date home doesn’t have to mean blowing the budget – & yes, i know you hear this aaaall the time but i’m serious.

unlike most people, i love change – it gets me excited and keeps me motivated & believe me, this doesn’t exclude the house. so when i moved in with my lovely housemate, hannah, we decided it was time to make our house a home. but in saying that, we had to do it on 25 y/o x 2 budget (challenge accepted).

rule no.1

climb the gum tree – buying or selling, it is an absolute gem.
one of the best parts about re decorating is pawning off the pieces that don’t suit your new decor & buying bigger more expensive items for a fraction of the price
– not everything on there is rubbish, alot of people are just doing the same thing as you

rule no.2

salvage bigger, more costly items you already have by giving them a facelift
– couches can be unrecognisable with a throw, or some cushions
– change cushions on dining chairs or throw a runner on the dining table
– new bedspreads change everything

rule no.3

you’ll like this one most because it’s literally free – just change the orientation of your furniture! even have a read of some feng shui tips and work out where in the house your furniture can be better positioned

times like this when you are just craving a freshen up, it can be beneficial to get out an interior stylist/designer to give you some ideas to better use the space

my hot tip – Jacqui Dunn


rule no.4

don’t be afraid to bargain hunt, k mart is the new adairs
neds and target also get my tick of approval

keep an eye out for our interview series with jacqui and for photos & how to’s of our new place!

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