it’s now or never

intense huh? well selling your home kind of is, & really there is no time like the present.

word on the street is that if you are thinking of selling your home you best wait until spring – because of course, the weather will be perfect, the garden will be lush and you would have had all winter to finish doing all those odd jobs around the place but that’s just it – everyone is thinking the same thing.

but in actual fact, there are just as many positives suggesting selling your home late july/early august is just as good of a time as the peak of spring.

why you ask?

  • your home can be presented & marketed beautifully no matter what the weather is doing
  • buyers are always looking, not just when the weathers says
  • not as many properties on the market between june – august which means you have the pick of the buyer bunch
  • more time to be sold and settled before christmas

buying or selling is one of those things, i like to compare to ripping off a bandaid – if you want to do it just do it, don’t wait for the ‘right’ time because it may never come

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