wine not

this july i’m challenging myself to dry july, a month of sobriety all in the name of raising funds for those living with cancer.

it doesn’t sound that hard until you actually think about it, how prevalent alcohol really is in our everyday lives. not surprisingly we over look the few glasses at lunch with the girls or the one or two when you get home with dinner and who can forget those friday after work wines. if you’re nodding your head as you read this, it’s nothing to be ashamed of – a lot of people are in the very same boat.

have you ever hesitated laying off the wines because you’re concerned about the impact that may have on your social life? again, if you’re nodding – you’re not alone.
this, in my opinion is the beauty of dry july – it gives you an excuse to say you’re not drinking and if someone really wants to try and sway you, they can donate & buy you a golden ticket to get their drinking buddy back.

being sober doesn’t mean being boring – if anything it just proves to yourself that you can still have fun and have a social life (& save money) along with all the other surprising effects of going off the drink for 30 days

  • liver fat decreases by around 15-20%
  • blood glucose levels drop by an average of 16%
  • total blood cholesterol decreases by nearly 5%
  • expected weight loss of between 2kg-4kg without making any other changes
  • improved sleep quality by 10%
  • reduced anxiety levels
  • improved concentration by around 18%

aside from all the obvious health benefits, we are simply raising money for those living with cancer, who’s struggle we cannot even begin to comprehend – will you stay dry this july?

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