rated r

the r word, slowly but surely becoming less frowned upon and by r word, i mean renting.

why is it that as soon as anyone mentions renting a property the first response is “why would you do that?!” then you get the lecture about paying someone else’s mortgage. but the reality is that not everyone is in a position to purchase a home and for whatever reasons, may not be able to stay at home and save those pennys.

moving out, be it with a partner, with friends, or even on your own is a right of passage as a twenty something so should it be discouraged just because renting is not seen as kosher?

the world has changed a lot since our parents, & our parents parents were running around the place – both good & bad but it is what it is. coming from a european family i hear the story all the time about how each child lived at home for a year or two with their new wife or husband until they bought a house – somehow i don’t think that suggestion would go down so well nowadays

what’s ironic is investing is encouraged and supported by our government and society, yet renting – the people relied upon are being discouraged from doing so.

next time someone mentions renting, remember this:

  • there are personal factors that can motivate someone to decide to rent
  • they may be moving in with a partner who they have never lived with before
  • they are new to town and want to work out which areas they like best
  • getting together a deposit may in fact be very difficult for them
  • or simply, they just like the freedom to move

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