watch the throne

a chair, not only practical but fashionable – “a piece of art” is how Emma Overton from 1000 Chairs would describe the humble, and most unappreciated item of furniture.

with the movement of interior design, from ultra modern to minimalist to scandi there is the looming possibility of a space looking a little empty, or stark, or simply just missing “something” & the answer, is a chair.

Emma has spotted a growing use of colour over the past few years, along with a return to very raw , natural timbers. Not to mention a strong introduction recently again toward the iconic bauhaus styles of dining and lounge chairs.

a chair for every occasion:

  • add a chair to that empty corner in your bedroom – throw a lush rug and a feature cushion on and be amazed
  • that big window that just looks lost – it’s now a decorative reading chair plus a cute little side table and some aesthetically pleasing books (judge these ones by the cover)
  • bathroom or kitchen looking a bit stark? Emma recommends feature bathroom or kitchen stool – practical & a statement
  • sometimes a chair is just the finishing touch, to a deck, garden or porch

visit 1000 chairs online at and on facebook & instagram 

“Every space has a unique personality because of the chairs that have been chosen for the space. They reflect not only the personality they carry but also that of the human who chooses them. It’s quite beautiful to think of it in this way” – Emma Overton, 1K Chairs

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