culture kings

culture. a word that gets thrown around all the time, in a variety of different contexts, but what does it even mean? and why is it so important?

i remember doing a high school society & environment assignment, and the question was just that – what is culture? and i can definitely give you a text book answer to that

however, culture in a business – well, that can make or break you

having now been at harris for 3 years, each year we have a day dedicated to building our team culture and understanding why it is so important – i can safely say yesterday was the best yet. mainly due to being facilitated by Gilbert Enoka (read more) who has worked on performance enhancement for nearly 20 years with both corporate and sporting elite. his message is simple, encouraging individuals to take ownership of their own direction and to improve their ability to control the many variables that inhibit optimal performance.

as well as being on a collective mission to reach our company goals, we are also challenged daily to be the best versions of ourself

  • continuously evaluate existing goals, set new goals & aim high
  • take control of our actions
  • stay creative
  • know our purpose

culture eats strategy for breakfast 

i enjoy coming to work each and everyday and being surrounded by people who feel the exact same & believe it or not – we know that benefits our clients not only financially but also enhances the entire experience of buying or selling a home.

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