queen victoria

melbourne – the place to be, or so they say

i’m not quite sure i agree, but  4 million people definitely do – i cant deny it’s always nice popping over for a weekend and having a wander. melbourne seems to have stolen the heart of one of my closest friends, so it can’t be all that bad. but when it comes to the cold hard facts, adelaide definitely has more bang for its buck

melbourne vs adelaide – the facts 

ADELAIDE – second quarter of 2016 showed the highest median values ever seen across the metropolitan area

house $443,000 – 3.3% increase over last 12 months


ADELAIDE 28 Hobsons Place $495,000 – $535,000

unit $340,000 – 2% increase

average rent $430 per week


ADELAIDE 5/14 Catherine Helen Spence Street $440 per week

if the tortoise & the hare are anything to go by, slow and steady certainly wins the race


where else can you get a city centre penthouse for $1.1m?

MELBOURNE – coming to a grinding holt after a frenzy of growth over the last 12 months

house $610,000 – 10.7% increase


FITZROY NORTH 22 Laura Place $640,000 – $700,000

unit $469,000 2.5% increase

average rent remained at $410


MELBOURNE 612/218A Beckett Street $410 per week


you wont get any change out of a sneaky $2m for a penthouse in the heart of melbourne

before we whinge about the cost of living here in adelaide, refer to melbourne and sigh in relief


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