but first, coffee

now that i have your attention – there is something else that comes to mind when you think of coffee, coffee tables and maybe coffee table books (or maybe that’s just me)

the coffee table book, an incredibly practical addition to your table because no one wants rings on their tables, & coasters have the tendency to look a little gaudy. not only are they actually full of some incredible photography but even just their covers alone are an invaluable asset to your decor.

you can notice in properties that are styled for sale, almost all bedsides, coffee tables and end tables host an eye catching book – notorious for costing people hours of their life playing around with different combinations on the hunt for the perfect stack.

these are some of my favourites, for both exterior and content & they also make brilliant gifts! hop onto amazon for these beauties

Snip20160822_1.pngSnip20160822_2.pngSnip20160822_3.pngSnip20160822_5.png Snip20160822_6.png

Snip20160822_7.png Snip20160822_8.pngSnip20160822_9.pngSnip20160822_10.pngSnip20160822_11.png

CHANEL by Danielle Bolt / Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People by Hamish Bowles / TOM FORD / LOUIS VUITTON/MARC JACOBS by Pamela Golbin / Luxury Hotels: Top of the World/ THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC By Miles Redd / YVES SAINT LAURENT By Faird Chenoune / VALENTINO /  FASHION / GRACE: A Memoir by Grace Coddington 

maybe kramer was onto something when he created the coffee table book that doubles as a coffee table?






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