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Is there a DIY option when it comes to selling your home?

Short answer, no – when you are playing with your biggest financial asset and a variation in price of up to 10% there is absolutely no room for errors.

I like to compare real estate to any other skills based profession, be it hair dressing, an arborist, a lawyer even – you probably should leave it to the professional and not attempt doing it yourself and ending up wearing a hat for 6 months, missing a limb or in jail.

In saying this, it’s no surprise that more and more ways to sell your own home are becoming available – there’s buy my place, agent in a box and now commission capped purple bricks fresh from the UK. But what concerns me, is why people think that they should just go and do this themselves? Is the perception of real estate agents so bad that people simply want to cut us out of the equation, or do people simply just think it doesn’t require much skill at all to sell a home?

Going back to the hairdresser, if the lady at the boutique salon who charges about $150 for a cut & blow dry does an incredible job and you feel comfortable and enjoy going to see her as a consumer we see value in that so then when it comes to real estate why should it be any different?

All we hear is how we as a society are becoming more and more time poor, which is why it baffles me even more so that people would want to take on something else like selling their own home. Real estate isn’t part time, it’s not even Monday to Friday, or 9am to 5pm – it doesn’t sleep and requires constant communication and service to both vendors & buyers.

If a company like “buymyplace” can see an increase in listings of 22% for the last quarter then clearly consumers are engaging with them however, the question when it comes to selling a home is not: did the property sell? – it’s actually: did you get the very best price that the market has to offer?. This is where a good agent will always be required within the real estate industry.

Maybe it comes down to us as individual agents, & agencies to show our value and really ensure that our clients are aware of the work that we do and how it benefits them.

“In the absence of differentiation the consumer will always shop on price”

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  1. Well said Natalie! It’s the same with recruitment and many other professions too. As the saying goes; if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur (or attempt DIY).


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