social butterfly

social media, whether we like it or not we have no choice – you’re even on it right now. we can’t escape it in our personal lives, and the clock is ticking for businesses too .

real estate in particular has been a bit of a late bloomer on the social media front but never the less, the time has come. it’s a tricky one too because it’s about staying top of mind for the services we provide and creating an extension of our brand rather than having a product to post. let’s be honest, if all we did was post photos of our listings we wouldn’t have many followers left at all.

i like to think i have embraced this opportunity within the industry by creating an outlet to provide engaging content whilst enhancing my own personal profile as a reputable real estate agent. i must be doing something right, recently i’ve been recognised as one of the most influential real estate agents on social media in Adelaide (see more).

what makes a good social media profile for business?

i ask this question all the time, because there really is no text book answer but something that seems to be quite consistent across the board is the brand having a personality and being relatable. some of the best business profiles i follow are consistent in their visuals, beautiful photography and quality content that makes readers say “YES, ME TOO!”

always be adding value every time you post (i hope i do!)

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