home brand

deep down we’re all brand snobs. i don’t judge, we’re all friends here

to say you would rather buy the home brand bar of soap in its black & gold packaging as opposed to the luxurious dove soap with 1/4 moisturising cream and the classy packaging is a lie, & you know it. at the end of the day we pay more for that nice bar of dove soap because it’s better quality, maybe more environmentally friendly & we don’t want the check out chick to judge us.

so riddle me this, why should it be any different when it comes to selling your house?

it is hands down the most valuable asset most people have, so why would you risk not getting the absolute best price possible? it’s almost frightening that some people don’t realise that the agent you choose can influence your price between 10%-20%

let’s clear one thing up, brand won’t necessarily find you a magical buyer that’s willing to pay $100,000 more than everyone else but what brand will do, is ensure that every possible buyer that is even remotely looking to buy a home see’s your house and feels inclined to come and inspect. now, that’s marketing

going back to the dove soap, i’m yet to see someone say to the check out chick “look, id really like to get the nice dove soap but i only want to pay for the home brand so can you please price match?”

so then how come home owners do that to us? is it because we aren’t demonstrating why we are better value in the big scheme of things or what importance the marketing of their home has on the end sale price?

brand at the end of the day is the packaging, & when you are selling your home your home becomes the product thats wrapped up in the packaging of the brand. now if the branding’s a little outdated, photography isn’t amazing, brochures are on printer paper and the signboard has the agents name bigger than the address – you got what you paid for. you’re paying the agent & the agency a bit less for their services & for marketing but you only got a few buyers through your first open because the packaging really didn’t do your home any justice and now, at day 40 you’re selling because you only had one offer the whole time.

never underestimate the power of a good brand.


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