weekend in the hamptons

i wish.

but it’s no surprise that after a hard earned and most enjoyable three weeks up on the fleurieu peninsula at my favourite beach, carrickalinga i’m left daydreaming about beachside abodes to start off 2017.

the hamptons is of course, the pinnacle of beachside decor – surprisingly a style that isn’t reserved for these million dollar mansions. when done well, it’s also a style that can have a real warmth in winter and a freshness in summer no matter how near or far you are from the coast. often confused with our friend “shabby chic” – circa early 2000s, the hamptons has an incredibly sophisticated colour palette combined with texture & class.

the colour palette 

these tones are perfect for not only the walls but the tiles, furniture and accessories 

balance old with new

what gives the hamptons style it’s ultimate sophistication is the ability to combine those rustic textures with refined & contemporary fixtures & finishes. if it were too rustic it would begin to look shabby chic cross with french provincial & if it was all contemporary it wouldn’t belong beachside – this is why the balance is so crucial.

if you haven’t already – have a look at phil & amitys stunning scott salisbury home, they have done the hamptons style beautifully and they’re nowhere near the beach!

incorporate natural elements 

the beach side vibe calls for timber, driftwood & greenery – the more greenery the better & a touch of wicker.


but most importantly,

natural light

never underestimate the importance of natural light, it’s what keeps the hamptons ambience all year round



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