saint valentine

like buying gifts for him on birthdays & christmas isn’t hard enough! valentines is so typically a female focussed holiday where more often than not, flowers do the trick – but it’s not like you can go sending him a bunch of flowers to work, right?

i’m a big believer that if you expect something from him then you sure better be delivering for him too. chocolates & dinners can be so cliche – especially if you go out to eat more than you eat at home. stumped on what to get then? think a token, or a gesture

edible blooms
they have something for every man – and lets be honest who doesn’t like getting something delivered to work (it makes you look cool, unless you sent it to yourself

  • plant gifts are always cute – try a money tree & beer combo or better yet, a cactus and beer? or if he’s not a beer kinda guy, cactus and chocolate doesn’t go astray
  • corona beer bouquet – enough said

fancy pants
no man is going to go out of his way to buy a fancy pair of undies, boxers and/or socks – perfect opening

  • calvin klein (disclaimer – he will not necessarily turn into a CK model)
  • peter alexander – cute & quality boxers
  • ralph lauren – undies & socks
  • tommy hilfiger – undies & socks
  • country road – great range of socks!

something for the two of you
as it’s an occasion rather than a birthday/christmas why not buy an experience for the two of you. these are not only memorable but its something you can actually do together

scoopon is the absolute best for this – they have all sorts of deals

  • weekend away
  • sky diving
  • paint balling
  • cooking class (some guys are into that)
  • kick boxing class

so many activities to choose from and certainly not your average valentines gift


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