chapter two

i don’t really know where to start – what an incredible past two weeks i have had, & for the first time, well ever, all the stars have seemed to align

as of last monday, i hung up my real estate hat and put on a crown of content and blogging (hopefully) for good. a life changing decision for me, but an opportunity i would have been mad to refuse.

rather ironically, a few months back i was asked to be on a panel with jess caire at the 2017 sass summit  which happened to fall on the friday before my first day at my new job. absolutely honoured is one way to describe how i felt to be on stage next to these incredible women in business, when i, for that one day was technically unemployed! it was truly incredible to hear of all the similar challenges, wins and philosophies that these ladies had in regards to work & life and the reality that you will be faced with significant decisions more often than we think & realise.


something that resonated with me so strongly, at no point did i doubt my decision to move on from real estate and take on this new challenge, but to know that we are always one decision away from making a better life for ourselves.

i’m one of those people that definitely believes the universe sends us signals and responds to our energy, and i really feel that every sign over the past month indicated to me now was the right time. what an incredible journey i have had over the last five years in real estate and a part of my life i most definitely would not be who or where i am today without.

moving into the health and fitness sector i’m so excited to be able to broaden my knowledge of this area and share it all with you. i will never stop loving all things house & home and truly think this is just the icing on the cake, because every house needs a lady.



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