hey big spender

through our different phases of life, most of us have the tendency to splurge a little on those perceived luxuries at the time. pocket money to me meant collecting 5c pieces and buying a $4.95 single from big w, my first job out of school meant clothes, lots of clothes and my first home meant homewares, so many accessories.

or hey, maybe thats all just me! but we are all guilty of over spending when it comes to decorating (or re-decorating) our humble abodes. trends change so quickly, our taste changes as we grow or maybe we just want to freshen the place up a little – but the reality is not many of us have a budget to support the kind of shopping we would like.

there is so much excitement that comes with a new home or the process of re-decorating that we all have the tendency to get a little carried away. when i first moved out i think i used to come home with something different everyday just because i could – be it a candle, a candle holder, a cushion, a decorative jar or even some faux greenery of some description. positive – i have quite an array of accessories, negative – the bank account disagreed and there are a number of things i would never have in my house and make me wonder “who let me purchase this?”

this time around, i was determined to be savvy and stylish all at the same time (yes, it’s possible) & low and behold my vast collection of homewares came in handy. essentially, i made story boards for each room using pieces i already had and identifying the pieces i needed. not only did this cap my spending by working through lists but it allowed me to visually see how what i already had was going to work.

Snip20170202_40 Snip20170202_1.png

the best part was, majority of this was from k mart & ikea and available online for delivery

if you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, make it really simple – either find online or take photos of the items you already have and then sourced photos of items you’d like and start to play around with different rooms and see what works. be sure to keep a list of prices and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can all come together without breaking the bank

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