can’t talk. busy

when did it become ‘cool’ to say how busy we are? it’s almost as though if you’re not professing how busy you are then there is something wrong with you. whether it’s because we think it’s an acceptable excuse for not having been in touch with someone for an extended period of time, or even for continually putting something important off, no matter what reason we give ourselves and others, the truth is that it’s just not good enough.

the question then should be, why do we think that saying we’re busy is a valid excuse?
i can categorically say i’m guilty of this, until i started to get a taste of my own medicine and implemented simple ways to ensure i wasn’t whipping out the “i’m so busy” (in that voice) line.

the real estate industry is a funny one for encouraging this irritating habit, because if you aren’t “sooo busy” then you obviously aren’t selling enough houses. wrong. just like people of every other profession you don’t have to be self obsessively “busy” to be successful.

not only is this irritating for those around you but it’s actually detrimental for yourself. how many times have you had a blood test form sitting in your car and you keep saying “oh yeah, i need to do that”  and before you know it its been a year and a half and you’ve used that form to blow your nose a couple of times.

everyone talks about “light bulb” moments and i can’t say that i had ever experienced that before until i started my new job. now working for SWEAT, i’m fortunate enough to see and read real women’s health & fitness journeys everyday and i tell you what, they’re pretty incredible. women who have 5 kids but still exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, not because they HAVE to, but because they feel great when they do where majority of us would say “i’m too busy”. punishing or risking your own health & wellness or important relationships to be perceived as being successful by saying “you’re busy” will prove to be a bad move in the long run.

sure fire ways to eliminate the verbal diarrhoea that is the of the “busy” variety;

  • have a list of between 5-10 people who you may not speak to daily but weeks/months can pass before you know it and you haven’t spoken. make sure you message them once a month to simply say “how are you?”
  • allocate “personal” time in your calendar, whether it’s 30 minutes or 1 hour and no, this isn’t selfish you are entitled to me time to exercise, read or whatever it is that makes you happy.
  • get structured, have one night a month or a week or whatever is practical where you give your undivided attention to your partner or your parents/siblings
  • know your work hours and your home hours, be present

the reality is that time flys & there is no point spending your time professing to be “sooo busy” & in actual fact, not actually contributing to living life positively.

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