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the return.

it’s just like riding a bike hey, you hop back on! it’s nearly been a year since i popped by, and to be honest i’m a bit disappointed in myself for not making the time to write. i won’t use the excuse that i was “busy” because there is always time for the things you love, i simply had to make a decision to channel my energy and time elsewhere.

having changed careers was quite possibly one of the scariest yet exciting things i have ever done. it was a risk and a challenge but all in all, the right decision for me and i haven’t looked back. did i love real estate? absolutely! but was it something i could see myself doing with a family of my own – sadly, no. maybe it was me and my personality, and my inability to separate myself from my work emotionally but unfortunately that was something that i just couldn’t change. call me lucky, but i fell into my favourite part about sales, relationships, on a global and limitless scale.

the fitness industry probably wasn’t somewhere i ever thought i’d end up, but everything happens for a reason. reality is, i’m not getting younger and learning to prioritise and actually enjoy exercising and eating well is a lesson i had to learn. our health is the one thing we can control (to an extent) and once the damage is done, it’s hard to come back!

that being said, i’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and the growth i have experienced, challenges and all, has been for the best. so for now, i have a niece or nephew to prepare for, an engagement/wedding to plan and a house to buy with the love of my life so be prepared to hear ALL about it.

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