but, why?

social media is a funny thing, namely instagram, as everyday people, we dedicate a reasonable amount of time & effort into the ‘gram and posting the perfect picture.

posing the question, but, why? although we may not consciously think there is a reason that we post on the regular, subconsciously there is. instagram has changed so much in the past 3 years, and even more so in the last 12 months. i had never really pondered this thought as much as i have in recent times, i’d suggest looking at instagram profiles everyday at work may have something to do with it, but no matter whether you post on instagram for fun, for business or for your personal brand if you actually stop and think about ‘why?’ it might change your whole conscious or subconscious strategy all together.

in the beginning, before the age of the influencer and instagram became the place to shop before you knew you even wanted to buy anything, filters were the most exciting thing since sliced bread. i think was more so because it allowed us to add personality to our otherwise simple photos to develop our own personal brand within our cool new ‘feed’.

so, why do i love the ‘gram? i thought you’d never ask – i’ve always had a creative streak and i love the ability to visually represent your memories and experiences with personality. i have my own ‘minimalist’ style and i like to think my feed shows that, admittedly it is curated and doesn’t delve too deep into my personal life but that’s my plan. again, it all goes back into the ‘why?’ my intention isn’t to share my whole life therefore, my posts reflect that.

have you ever actually stopped and thought about why you post? you may find it helps you with alot of other questions you find yourself asking when it comes to your instagram game.

2 thoughts on “but, why?

  1. This is so true to our age and what it’s like for people to get the perfect picture! It definitely makes me think though, if people are trying to get the perfect picture are they even taking in their surroundings? Probably not. Very sad. However, I am all about instagram, although I don’t post like crazy like some people do I always post in the moment so sharing my experiences with people makes it easier for everyone to know where I am and to share in the moment with me! Keep posting you’re a really good writer!


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