the grass ain’t greener

i always used to wonder when i was selling homes what it would be like to be on the other side, but in complete honesty i wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen.

i knew the whole process wasn’t easy for both the buyers & the sellers but knew how to make it as easy as possible (within my control). but i guess the reality is, you don’t know what it’s like until you’re in that position yourself.

i can’t believe it, but we actually did it! and much to my surprise, it was definitely not easy – everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

  • do yourself a favour, have pre-approval before you even start looking

don’t get me wrong, we had been given feedback as to what price range was do-able but hadn’t actually started the process when we stumbled across our new home. unfortunately, this meant that we actually took longer to get it than the contract stipulated which in turn meant that we couldn’t meet the settlement date originally agreed to.

  • when you find one that ticks all the boxes – go for it. don’t waste time comparing it to others and going out of your way to get to open inspections just to confirm to yourself that you do like the other one – you not only run the risk of missing out on the one you actually like because you took too long to make your mind up but you also over complicate the whole process with information overload

i used to see it all the time – “this is the first one we have actually looked at so we just need to go to a few more before we make a decision” & then you call them to let them know it sold first open and they’re disappointed because after all the other opens they decided that they did actually want that one

  • my personal favourite was coming in to measure a week before settlement after the stage furniture had been removed to find black scuff marks all along the white hallway (the house is brand new, therefore no scratches & dents – ya know) equal first with trying to open the front door the first night with the keys and the door wouldn’t open because one of the mechanisms had come loose

long story short, after all that we settled, we have a big fat mortgage but a beautiful home together. i can’t wait to move in, decorate and take lots of insta snaps of my unnecessary house plants.


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