event management has never really been my thing, managing venues, sound systems, caterers and all that jazz stresses me out a bit but that being said, since i started with Ryderwear back in December hosting an influencer & media event has been a goal. lucky for me my partner in crime is an event management extraordinaire so i get to do what i do best, make the place look pretty!

i bet you see these influencer events on your instagram aall the time and believe it or not they actually have a purpose (in addition to looking super cute). the average instagrammer is so over the typical “sponsored post”, they want more than just an image on the feed now, they want an experience & that is what these activations provide. an experience helps to create a feeling and a connection with a brand or product that an image simply cant provide.

brands host these events for all different reasons depending on their goals, for us, our main objective was getting face to face with key media in sydney and allowing them to experience what Ryderwear is all about by seeing the product in person and most importantly, in action. it was also an amazing opportunity to get our team of athletes together & shoot some brilliant content.



Find Your Element was the media launch for our most recent collection “Element” inspired by the elements of the earth & featuring bold burgundys, earthy tans & subtle nudes. so when it came to styling the space we wanted it to be a reflection of the collection in as many ways as possible. working at carriageworks made that a much easier task, with its bold concrete walls that made it easy to add in geometric shapes, matte black finishes & pops of burgundy and blush. my personal favourite being the burgundy leafed cordylines i placed around the room.

as if hiring gear from adelaide isnt hard enough, try doing it in another state! sourcing everything proved to be a timely (& costly) task but i think we can say it was positively insta worthy.



p.s it was a killer workout, give it a go if you dare


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