home: part one

we purchased our first home together back in july, & for obvious reasons the completing of having everything finished was put on hold but ive really made some time to make it a little project for myself. it was really important to me that the way i decorated our home was reflective of both rick & i (lucky for me we have similar taste!)

so, here goes part 1 of our humble abode – study, entry, laundry & powder room

the reason we loved this place so much was because of the high quality finishes, it was really neutral but also very consistent with our style & taste



print; sourced a high res image and kmart frame

desk; gumtree

lamp; kmart

rug; kmart

drawers; kmart

ghost chair; VERY old, got it as old floor stock before they were even trendy 😉

plant & basket; kmart

gold frame; kmart


coat stand; kmart


mug; country road

marble pot & greenery; kmart


black/timber frame; kmart

black vases; kmart



vase; george jensesn

faux pampas; kmart

table; kmart

print; high res image & kmart frame

marble tray; kmart

book; booktopia

candle; glass house




plant; ikea

towel; morgan & finch


powder room;


soap dispenser; kmart

rug; second hand


towel; morgan & finch

if you can’t tell, i kinda like kmart but it’s such a cost effective way of buying a few key things that you can easily tie in with bigger ticket items

next week; master bedroom

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