home: part two

after having lived by myself for 5 years i was pretty used to having my room as girly as i felt – the more vogues the merrier! so when it came to styling our first bedroom together rick had one request – ‘not girly’. i’m pretty confident that the outcome was definitely not ‘girly’ & i dont think ill feel the overwhelming urge to redecorate any time soon!



white linen; kmart

european pillowcases; kmart

accent cushions; freedom

navy knit throw; mark tuckey – cotton on

faux fur; bed bath & table

lamp; ikea


rug; freedom





bedsides; house & garden

frames; kmart

crystal ring dish; mums

blue vase; mums

books; booktopia & kikki k



juju; juju decor

chair; kmart


chest of drawers; ikea

candle tumblers; kmart

print; high res image & kmart frame

sword; rick (of course)

he had one request & it was that – oh, & the other one in the guest bedroom

again, love my kmart but also like to throw in some accent pieces

next week; bathroom


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