home: part four

we were really excited to have a guest bedroom because we love having our friends over & of course, don’t want them driving after a few too many. i wanted the room to be really neutral & just have a calm vibe.

after losing mum i inherited quite a few key pieces from her that really worked with this room so i centred the feel around the colours in the butterfly print & the timber & wicker in the draws.





bed; custom design macro suede

quilt cover; ikea

european pillows & cases; kmart

leather cushion; kmart

teal cushion; temple & webster

linen cushion; mums

beige velour cushion; temple & webster

mint green throw; mums (was my baby blanket)

white throw; kmart

butterfly print; st vincent de paul (mum had a knack for finding amazing things at op shops)




cow hide; ikea

wicker draws; mums (im 99% sure she got them from cane corner)

candle holders; house & garden

wicker box; kmart

yes, that is a real monstera – its alive & well for over 4 months now!



lamp; beacon lighting

photo frame; kmart

sword; ricks, of course

vase; mums – such a typical 2000’s styling accent


bed side; kmart

book; booktopia

magnifying glass; neu blvd

perfume; vanderbilt, my mum actually had this in her sock drawer – it was my grandmas perfume of choice for years so mum & both her sisters all bought a bottle to keep

coasters; neu blvd


i love the relaxed & coastal feel of this room, it’s also going to be easy to just switch the bed to a cot one day! haha




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