home: part three

another massive selling point for our little home was the bathroom, we would have obviously loved two but 1 & a half like this works just fine for us! but most of all the persian rug i found in rick’s parents garage fits like a glove (much to rick’s dismay)



rug; vintage

bath caddy; k mart

towels; sheridan

bamboo ladder; mums (we bought this years ago when we were living together, think it may be house & garden)






snake plant; kmart

wooden hand; typo

hand cream; aesop

soap; chanel

black accessories; kmart

the great thing about bathrooms in general is that they don’t need much in the way of styling at all, but it’s amazing to see the difference a few little touches can make.

so scary to think we were looking at building before we came across our place & when it comes to tiles & fixtures & fittings i would have had absolutely no idea where to start, i honestly would have lost my mind. so lucky for us it was all here & all i had to do was pay a visit to kmart 😉


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